No More Coal Fired Power Plants for Ontario

08-06-14 | Commercial & Industrial Power Conservation, Featured News, Industry News & Events

Legend Power applauds Ontario’s step towards a cleaner environment.

Although Ontario continues to struggle with energy rates, there have been a few victories for the province when it comes to the topic of power and electricity. At the end of last year, it was announced by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne that a new legislation was to be introduced that would force the province’s coal fired power plants to be shut down by the end of 2014. Putting an end to burning coal as an electricity source had been a goal of the Ontario goverment for the past decade, a goal that was achieved earlier this year, when the last remaining coal fired generation plant, which was located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, was shut down.

Joining Premier Wynne last year to make the announcement was Al Gore, environmental activist and former Vice President of the United States. Watch the video below to learn more.

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in North America to put an end to burning coal as an electricity source. Coal fired power plant emissions are one of the leading sources of carbon dioxide, as well as smog, acid rain and air pollution, all of which contribute to a more polluted atmosphere.

Here at Legend Power, we applaud Ontario’s step towards creating a cleaner global environment and we are excited to be part of the movement to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electrical energy consumption in commercial buildings with our products.