Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plan

03-30-15 | Featured News

Mayors’ Council hopes Metro Vancouver residence will trade a 0.5% increased sales tax for a greener, more transit-friendly city.

If you live in Metro Vancouver, you have most likely already received your voting ballot for the Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Referendum. Citing region-wide benefits such as protecting the environment, strengthening the economy, and improving Vancouver residents’ quality of life, the Mayors’ Council On Regional Transportation is hoping that Vancouverites will vote ‘yes’ to the referendum, which includes a proposed 0.5% regional sales tax increase, before May 29th.


The proposed transportation and transit plan offers improvements and additions to Metro Vancouver’s transportation and transit systems, including: roads, which is to include a new 4-lane Pattullo Bridge; rail transit lines, including the Expo, Millennium, Canada Lines and the West Coast Express; bus and seabus services; and bikeways. For more details on the specific improvements that would be made to each Metro Vancouver area, visit the links listed below:

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