Legend Power and Social Housing Opportunities

08-20-14 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Featured News, Legend Power Updates

Legend Power is proud to assist with providing affordable housing opportunities within the social housing sector of the Greater Toronto Area.

The Harmonizer helps reduce costs for non-profit housing company, Pathway, by saving energy.

Last week we announced Legend Power’s role is assisting Pathway Non-profit Housing, a company that provides affordable rental housing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in saving energy and money with our Harmonizer. Having installed the Harmonizer into two Pathway apartment buildings in the Region of Peel in Ontario, Legend Power is proud to have been able to assist with keeping the rental rates of these two buildings affordable, amidst the challenge of Ontario’s ever rising energy rates.

Affordable Housing

What is Social Housing?

Social housing is a term that describes rental property that is subsidized by the government, a non-profit company, or both, such as Pathway, with the goal of providing housing for people who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Pathway offers quality housing for over 230 residents in two apartment buildings, Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill, with rental rates that are affordable. Unfortunately, over recent years the rising rates of energy in Ontario presented a challenge in allowing Pathway to continue to be able to provide lower rental housing. However, by installing Harmonizers in each building, Pathway was able to reduce their energy consumption by more than 6%, resulting in over $30,000 of savings each year. This means that over the ten year, or longer, life expectancy of our Harmonizers, Pathway stands to save more than $300,000; money that will not only be put towards keeping rental costs affordable, but towards maintaining the quality and standards of the buildings, providing tenants with a place to live that they will be proud to call home.

Read our Case Study on Pathway for more information.

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