Electricity Rates Continue to Rise in Ontario

08-08-14 | Commercial Energy Conservation, Industry News & Events, Save Power

Let Legend Power help you and your building combat the rising electricity rates in Ontario.

Losing Money_HouseOver the past several years, electricity rates in Ontario have risen an alarming amount. At the end of 2013 it was noted that rates were to continue to rise 33% over the next three years and 42%, in home power bills, by 2018 due to the Liberal party’s energy plan, which is actually less than originally projected. And the increases won’t stop there. It is said that the next 20 years will see the province suffer from rising electricity rates.

With rates climbing steadily, residents and companies of Ontario are most likely looking for ways to deal with increased electricity costs. Starting from the source and using less electricity is a great place to start.

How Legend Power Can Help Reduce Your Electricity Bill

By using less energy at the source, our product, the Harmonizer, conserves your building’s electricity by reducing electrical energy consumption by up to 8%. Saving money by safely and effectively reducing a building’s voltage, the Harmonizer adjusts voltage to an efficient level.

Legend Power will also complete an energy review of your building to find hidden energy saving opportunities prior to installation. Learn more about how you can start saving with the Harmonizer.

It’s that simple: combat the rising electricity rates by using less energy! Contact us to learn more.

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