Legend Expands its Market by Launching a new Electrical Energy Saving Product for the Apartment & Condo Sector

07-07-14 | Featured News, Press Releases

Legend Power Systems Inc. (LPS.V) (“Legend”) is pleased to announce the release of its latest patented electrical energy conservation product designed to address the North American condo and apartment tower market.  Continued research and development has resulted in Legends new product offering which addresses one of the largest building verticals in North America.  Legend’s core technology is designed to be readily adaptable and is capable of meeting the unique attributes that the multi-residential building market presents.  Like other Legend products, this new vertical application has been designed to offer a competitive ROI to building owners and managers while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a large segment of the global building sector.

Legend’s patented product saves energy by regulating voltage at the point where power enters a building, reducing energy usage by up to 8%.   Legend’s innovative electrical energy conservation solution is approved and eligible for government rebates and incentives, which further enhances the already strong ROI Legend customers can expect.

Over fifteen percent of North Americans live in an apartment or condo building and many of these buildings utilize older inefficient electrical equipment.  Legend’s Harmonizer is an ideal fit for high density apartment and condo residences where the property manager is unable to directly replace older inefficient end-use loads such as incandescent light bulbs found in tenant occupied spaces.  The Harmonizer addresses an entire building without disrupting the daily lives of residents, giving landlords and building owners greater control over their building’s efficiency.

“Adapting the Harmonizer to the 208V and 600V apartment and condo sector has been part of our product strategy for quite some time” says Mark Petersen, Legend’s Director of Engineering.  “Saving energy is what Legend is all about; we are all very excited about the opportunity to save energy in this large building sector.”

For more information on Legend’s latest product extension please visit: https://legendpower.com/product-info/apartment/

Legend Power Systems Inc. (www.legend20.wpengine.com) is a leading electrical energy conservation company that manufactures and markets a patented device to help commercial and industrial customers achieve significant energy savings through voltage optimization. Legend Power’s Electrical Harmonizer helps companies reduce their electricity bills, maintenance costs, and increases the life of electrical equipment, while contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Erik Wolfe, Marketing Manager

Legend Power Systems Inc.