Compact Fusion: The Future of Energy?

03-18-15 | Featured News, Industry News & Events

Lockheed Martin wants to make way for the “true atomic age” with a compact fusion reactor.

Last fall, Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company located in the United States, announced that their advanced projects team, Skunk Works, is in the process of developing a compact fusion reactor that could be ready within a decade, with a prototype ready in just five years.

Claiming that it will offer a clean source of energy, with zero emissions and energy that is three to four times more powerful than the energy released via fission, Lockheed Martin has positioned nuclear fusion as a possible solution to our global energy crisis. Discover more about Lockheed Martin’s compact fusion research and development in the below video and discover how it could potentially restart the atomic age!

For more information, an explanation of fusion versus fission, possible future benefits of compact fusion, and more, visit the Compact Fusion page on the Lockheed Martin website.

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