Q and A with Legend Power Systems

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.


Our purpose to maintain 100% transparency on what we do, how we operate, and how our product is going to deliver savings to you, or what your investment is driving. Here are our top three, most asked questions:

What is voltage optimization?

This is our bread and butter. We love voltage optimization. Why? Voltage optimization is an energy conservation technique where voltage is reduced to lower energy consumption. It also referred to as CVR or, Conservation Voltage Regulation. Legend Power’s Harmonizer is designed to make fine tuning the voltage in a facility to an efficient and optimal level, saving energy and money, while reducing GHG emissions.

How does reducing voltage save energy?

Reducing the incoming operating voltage while still remaining within industry standards will result in the equipment using less energy. Higher voltage will cause energy usage to increase and the equipment will produce more heat as more power is being consumed. Although different types of equipment consume energy at different rates, customers using the Harmonizer can generally see an energy reduction of up to 7%.

If I reduce voltage, won’t current (amps) increase and power stay the same?

When a voltage reduction is applied across an entire building consisting of resistive, inductive and fixed output loads, the current will remain unchanged. As a general rule, reducing your voltage by 1% will produce the following results:

  • Resistive loads (light bulbs, electric heat):  the current will decrease by 1% and power will be reduced by 2%.
  • Inductive loads (fluorescent lights, some motors):  the current will remain the same and power will be reduced by 1%.
  • Fixed Output loads (VFD motor drives, electronics):  the current will increase by 1% and power will remain constant.

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