Get to Know Legend Power Systems

02-01-16 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

Learn more about Legend Power Systems’ story and the evolution of our innovative technology, the Harmonizer.

Legend Power Systems (LPS) is a pioneering energy conservation solution provider, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2001, LPS completed beta trials of the Harmonizer product in the mid 2000s. It was around this time, in 2005, that our company was a recipient at the Energy Efficiency Awards, as presented by the Canadian Government. Since these early achievements, Legend Power Systems has continued to see much growth and success.

Harmonizer_BlueWith the identification of overlooked energy saving opportunities and seamless integration of our industry proven Harmonizer, Legend Power Systems is now able to provide unparalleled electrical efficiency support to commercial and industrial buildings all over the world. We are proud to have received customer testimonials in every key vertical that reflect the many achievements of the Harmonizer, including saving companies money, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and delivering guaranteed energy savings. The Harmonizer is also a patented technology across the globe, and each of our projects has received utility incentives.

Our company has grown considerably over the past 15 years, with 2015 being quite monumental. Discover the success our company achieved last year by reading 2015 Year in Review, which includes the recognition Legend Power Systems received as the top performing clean-tech Company listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange. You may also be interested in reading our Fiscal 2015 Report to Shareholders.

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