Additional Benefits of the Harmonizer

Enjoy peace of mind along with the many other benefits of using energy better with the Harmonizer.

With a long list of benefits, Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer is an innovative technology that helps industrial and commercial building owners save money and the environment, with little to no maintenance. As many of the key benefits that the Harmonizer has to offer can be categorized under these three attributes – financial savings, reduced emissions and minimal maintenance – they are often the three features that Legend Power Systems focuses on when describing our technology. That said, we understand that consumers want more from the products that they put their trust in; the functionality of a high performing technology is not enough to set an exceptional product apart from the pack.

Legend Power Systems is proud that the Harmonizer goes above and beyond the expectations of a quality product. Our technology has more to offer our customers than what’s listed in the product description, and that includes your peace of mind. Read on for more details.


Additional Benefits and Details of the Harmonizer

  • The Harmonizer has customer given testimonial in every key vertical.
  • Legend Power Systems is the partner of trusted contractors and industry consultants.
  • Every Harmonizer project is approved for SaveONEnergy incentives.
  • The Harmonizer is fully vetted by E Source and the top utilities.
  • The Harmonizer was the top clean tech on the TSX/V for 2015.

For more information on the key benefits that will contribute to your building saving money and the environment, with minimal maintenance, visit Key Benefits of the Harmonizer.

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