Incredible environmental savings achieved with 100 Harmonizers has Legend excitedly looking towards the future.

Over 50,000,000 kWh of energy savings. Savings which equal the amount of energy it would take to power more than 4,500 homes for an entire year. A reduction of 5,000 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The equivalent reduction of emissions that would be achieved by removing over 1,000 cars for a year. These are the energy and environmental savings that Legend Power Systems has achieved with its product life cycle solution. This is the impact of 100 Harmonizers.

Can you imagine what could be achieved with the installation of 200, 300 or 500 Harmonizers?


With the installation of its 100th Harmonizer, Legend is excited by the opportunity that lays ahead. The potentiality of helping the 4 million plus commercial buildings in North America alone offers the opportunity for Legend to assist with financial and environmental savings that could have a significant global impact. By installing an increased number of Harmonizers throughout North America and across the globe, Legend Power Systems could help the world in realizing the notable effect that voltage optimization could have on the environment.

The Harmonizer reduces a building’s energy usage by up to 8%, with a typical commercial facility saving between $14,000 to $20,000 per year. Learn more about the Harmonizer. 

Read the full press release – Legend Power Installs 100th Harmonizer – for more information on the 100 installations, the customers, partners and shareholders that have supported Legend in achieving this milestone, as well as a summary of their savings.

(Image via Pixabay)