IKEA’s $1.13 Billion Pledge

07-01-15 | Commercial Energy Conservation, Industry News & Events, Save Power

Legend Power Systems applauds IKEA’s commitment to climate action.

It was announced last month that international retail giant, IKEA, has pledged $1.13 billion USD towards climate action. In support of their commitment to RE100, an initiative that supports some of the world’s most influential companies in becoming 100% renewable, IKEA has announced that it will be putting this money towards investing in wind and solar energy, among other climate action initiatives.

IKEA is leading the way in demonstrating how large corporations can make a difference in preventing climate change. The company was among the first few companies to sign up for RE100 in 2014, having since pledged multiple goals with specific timelines. Learn more about IKEA’s commitment to becoming 100% renewable by 2020 by visiting the RE100 website.

Legend is proud to be affiliated with companies like IKEA who are demonstrating what it means to support and cultivate the environmental movement. IKEA installed a Harmonizer into its Richmond facility in British Columbia, assisting the location in reducing their energy consumption and lowering their greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about Legend’s partnership with IKEA Richmond by watching the below video and/or reviewing the IKEA Richmond Case Study.

Visit our results page for more information on the various companies that we have worked with in helping to reduce their electrical energy consumption and lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: The Climate Group