Case Study

Two SmartGATE™ Systems | Reduced Consumption


Oxford Properties Group is an industry leader in sustainable building management. They are a world renowned owner of properties in every asset class and strive to innovate and improve upon their assets under management. Ingrained in their culture is ‘sustainable intelligence’: the practice of unwavering commitment to do what’s right for both the environment and for their bottom line.

The Problem

Lakeside Place is a 116 unit multi-residential complex located in Mississauga Ontario that was identified as an ideal target site for voltage management due to voltage readings averaging 6% (37v) higher than specification.

The Solutioin

By installing two SmartGATE™ systems in the tower and low rise units to optimize incoming voltage, the property currently saves 5% annually in electricity consumption and has curbed demand up to 90kW during peak months.

The Results

Following the resounding success of this project, Oxford and Legend Power continue to evaluate voltage management target buildings within different asset classes.

Category Performance
Reduced Consumption 314,213 kWh
Peak Demand Reduction 90kW
Annual GHG Reduction 57 tons
Enhancement to NOI $41,000
Return on Investment 3 year