Top 5 Harmonizer Quick Facts

The top five most interesting and educational facts about the Harmonizer.

The Harmonizer is Legend Power Systems’ energy conservation solution that helps commercial and industrial buildings save money, power and lower greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be able to offer a product that positively impacts the environment, and can offer our clients so many benefits. While the Harmonizer and its many benefits are listed here on our website, we know that it can be a lot of information to read through. Which is why we’ve decided to provide you with a easy overview of the top five quick facts that we feel best describe how beneficial this product really is. Read on to learn more!


Top 5 Harmonizer Quick Facts

  1. The Harmonizer can be seamlessly integrated into a building’s existing electrical equipment, without the need to replace or retrofit your current operating system.
  2. This one solution will reduce your building’s energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and your electrical bill.
  3. The Harmonizer comes with a leading 10 year warranty and a 15 year maintenance-free life expectancy. Legend Power Systems is the only energy conservation company to offer a zero-dollar total cost of ownership solution that will perform at peak efficiency with no required maintenance.
  4. Legend Power Systems provides a savings guarantee to every customer. We guarantee your achieved savings will be within 80% of the proposed amount.
  5. A typical commercial facility can expect to save between $14,000 and $20,000 per year after installing the Harmonizer. Over the 15 year life expectancy of the Harmonizer, many customers will save over $200,000 per facility.

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