Achieve electrical innovation and use energy better with Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer.

Innovation is often born out of need. The need to improve upon or optimize a technology or product that was itself created as a solution to a problem. Innovation enables great, trusted products to perform even better. For example, in the case of the transformer, an apparatus that can either reduce or increase the voltage of an alternating current, this technology has come a long way since it’s invention in 1886, specifically, with the advances made by Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer.

As a familiar, proven and stable technology, the Harmonizer has taken the trusted product of the transformer and made it better. With the Harmonizer, it is Legend Power Systems’ mission to be the world’s next great innovator of energy conservation solutions. Read on to learn more.harmonizer

The Harmonizer: An Innovative Technology

The Harmonizer is an ultra efficient transformer with smart controls that dynamically select the optimal voltage tap within a building in order to reduce consumption, while continuing to meet building requirements. Our technology also has a patented system bypass capability, enabling the Harmonizer to remove a building’s system from the circuit during utility voltage sags, eliminating the risk of brown outs. Seamless integration of the Harmonizer into your building’s electrical environment also allows for easy incorporation of our technology, with minimal downtime.

Why You Should Innovate With the Harmonizer

You can’t afford not to. Without the Harmonizer, your commercial or industrial building will continue operation with unstable voltage, running the risk of higher energy consumption, increased electricity bills, unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, swells and sags, brown outs, shorter equipment life cycles, and higher equipment maintenance costs. Enough said!

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