Legend Power and Global Opportunity

Legend Power is excited to expand into new emerging markets worldwide.

A distribution deal has been secured by Legend Power in South Africa and emerging markets.

Global EnvironmentLast week it was announced that Legend Power has formed a new working partnership with Energy Optimisa, a voltage optimization company that supplies side energy efficiency technologies, located in Cape Town, South Africa. As a result of this new distribution deal, Legend Power’s Harmonizer will be able to aid commercial buildings in South Africa, as well as Sub-Sahara Africa, with saving energy. So far, Energy Optimisa has successfully installed the Harmonizer in multiple retail buildings throughout South Africa, with several other projects currently in progress.

The opportunity to assist with energy saving efforts outside of North America is an exciting development that Legend Power is proud to be a part of. We’re thrilled to be able to assist with the endeavours to help save power and the planet on a global scale, and we believe that our partnership with Energy Optimisa provides an excellent opportunity to do so worldwide.

CEO of Energy Optimisa, Alan Palmer, had this to say about the new partnership: “Having experience in the Voltage Optimization market, we were impressed by the inherent strength in the design of Legend’s solution. Working with Legend, a global leader of voltage optimization solutions and the holder of patents to the technology, is very important to us and our energy efficiency market.”

As Legend Power continues to grow into new emerging markets, we look forward to assisting the world with conserving energy and lowering global greenhouse gas emissions by helping reduce electrical energy consumptions. Contact us to learn more about Legend Power’s Harmonizer and how it can help you save energy, the planet and money.

(Image via Pixabay)