World Energy Supply: Past and Future

Learn more about the world’s energy supply timeline, dating back to the 1970s and projected into the future until the year 2030.

Over the past century, as advancements in technologies and our overall way of life have been made, humanity has relied on various different resources, in different capacities, to provide the energy that we require to operate our advancements. Specifically since the 1970s, as outlined in the below infographic World Energy Supply, the world has used copious amounts of oil, coal and gas to power our everyday lives.

As a result of resources such as oil, coal, gas and other non-renewable resources being the main energy supply, the vast amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that these resources create has taken a toll on the planet. We now know that in order to sustain the ability to supply the world with energy, without harming our environment, we must turn to renewable energy sources, sometimes referred to as ‘clean energy’.

It is with this understanding in mind that the below infographic projects how the world will supply energy over the next 15 years. With a shift towards other sources of energy that provide renewable opportunities, such as solar power and wind, the hope is that the world will have less of a need for the previously utilized non-renewable energy resources.

Explore the World Energy Supply infographic timeline below and learn more about the world’s past and projected energy supplies.

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