The Journey of E-Waste

Read on for e-waste management facts and discover the journey of valuable technology…

Although e-waste is everywhere, it is not often thought of. With such a vast quantity of technological products being produced, there is a high overturn of gadgets in people’s homes. Whether it’s a new smart phone or the latest game console, there are shiny new things that are quickly replacing the old.

We’ve talked about the value of recycling your e-waste. Now we’re taking a look at the journey. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that what once was valuable for their entertainment or productivity, is still extremely valuable for it’s raw materials and components, long after they’ve been become outdated from the user perspective.

So what happens when you trash it? What happens to recycled e-waste? Where in the world do those old phones, computers and technological goodies end up?

Take a look at this feature infographic for a visual of the journey of e-waste…

The Journey of E-Waste

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