The Ideal, Carbon-Negative City

Can cities become carbon-negative in the near future?


Cities are society’s linchpins, serving as centres of business, culture and growth. Cities are also urban heat islands. Unfortunately as cities grow, so do the greenhouse gas emissions and the negative effects on the climate. Unless something changes, the GHG emissions will increase, continue to cause new problems and exacerbate existing problems.

However, there is an emerging industry that brings hope for the future of cities: CDR, also known as carbon dioxide removal or “negative” emission technologies. This technology offers cities the potential to become carbon negative by removing more carbon than they emit. In this way, carbon negative cities can create positive impact on the environment, while supporting the growth of society.

So how can a city start down the road to becoming carbon negative? Learn more about the fascinating technologies and concepts that can see our future cities as greener, cleaner living spaces: The Ideal City in 2030 by Noah Deich.

(Image via Pixabay)