Recycling E-Waste

10-14-15 | Uncategorized

Sustainable solutions for your old electronics!

With so many new models and fresh gadgets available on the market everyday, the amount of e-waste has grown to staggering amounts worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing streams of waste, according to a UN report. An average household can easily contain several phones (new and perhaps old models sitting in drawers), a computer or maybe two, laptops, tablet devices, game consoles, head phones and ear buds, old cables and perhaps even old TV’s and DVD players.

Technology is literally everywhere and many people do not even realize that old gadgets and appliances can be recycled. Much of our e-waste ends up in landfills. These piles of discarded items are piles of lost resources (such as copper, silver and gold).

We can’t pop them into the blue bins, but it is definitely possible to recycle them. Check out today’s feature infographic to learn more about the many types of e-waste and how we can recycle and harvest valuable materials from our obsolete tech!

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