Go Beyond the Basics

Go beyond the basics and build a truly green, sustainable business!


There is no such thing as too little a change when it comes to sustainability. Everything little change is a change for good and can only add up. In fact, if every single business and home in the world changed their light bulbs and recycled religiously, these little changes would be compounded into huge movements! Unfortunately, not everyone has sustainability on the brain and fortunately, there is so so much more we can do beyond the “low-hanging fruit of sustainability.”

Although efficient lighting and recycling programs are fantastic in and of themselves, there’s more that you can bring to the table. Here are a few more ideas that can help you truly create a sustainable business and go beyond the lighting and recycling basics:

  • Regulate and optimize your electricity consumption with Legend Power’s Harmonizer! With our help you can save energy, save money, and reduce the risk for premature equipment failure and/or costly equipment maintenance.
  • Introduce eco-friendly cleaning products into the workplace to help reduce toxic waste.
  • Replace old and outdated appliances with new energy efficient systems.
  • Along with that energy-efficient lighting you’ve installed, use motion censors to help minimize lights being left on unnecessarily.
  • Go paperless.
  • Reduce the amount of air travel with smarter business decisions and planning.
  • Make your employees aware of water consumption.
  • Bring skepticism to your supply chains and build partnerships and relationships with like-minded businesses and suppliers.
  • Whenever possible, work with local businesses to reduce the amount of resource consumption and superfluous transportation.
  • Get your employees on the sustainability chain! Your efforts and changes will be more effective and successful when your entire team is behind you.
  • Consider ways your business can take part in a circular economy and share resources (sustainable and potentially a huge money-saver!)

Sustainability doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Go beyond the cookie cutter basics (although still very excellent steps in the right direction)! Learn more about how we can help you get started in saving energy and money!

(Image via Pexels)