Achieve Harmony with the Harmonizer

It’s time to harmonize our energy needs with sustainability and renewable resources…


When we say “achieve harmony” we’re not talking about personal meditation and ohms. We want to start bringing that kind of harmony beyond the the personal. How? We want to share the Harmonizer with businesses, local and international. Why is this so important to us?

The US Energy Information Administration estimated in 2011 that about 21% of world electricity generation was from renewable energy. They are projecting an increase, small but an increase nevertheless, to 25% in 2040. Our goal is to contribute to the complex web that makes up the world’s resource consumption and human activity by improving our energy usage, creating efficiencies for businesses and commercial scale activities.

Legend Power’s Harmonizer is not only a financially viable business decision, it is a product that will help conserve our resources and reduce carbon emissions. Our current lifestyles require exorbitant amounts of energy. Even the most minor of routines such as making a cup of coffee, getting ready for work and commuting has an impact. This morning routine requires electrical energy and resources. Now multiply that by millions of people who follow the same daily activity. Our goal is help businesses take steps in the right direction in the overall global effort to changing our consumption habits.

Explore this interactive infographic, The Road Map to Harmony, to discover the state of the world’s move towards sustainability and our renewable energy goals.

Learn more about Legend Power’s Harmonizer and start achieving harmony for your business.

(Image via Pixabay)