Key Benefits of the Harmonizer

10-13-15 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Save Power

Discover the key benefits of integrating the Harmonizer into your building.

As an ultra efficient transformer that’s familiar, proven and stable, it’s no wonder that so many commercial and industrial building owners are incorporating the Harmonizer into their energy saving strategy. By taking advantage of the minimal downtime it takes to seamlessly integrate a Harmonizer into a building’s electrical environment, our clients are being given access to the multitude of benefits that are offered by our energy saving solution almost instantaneously.

The Harmonizer is an innovative technology that is helping building owners across the globe use energy better. See below for an outline of some of the key benefits that it offers.

Key Benefits of the Harmonizer

Save Money
  • piggy-bank-970340_640Save up to 8% on hydro bills
  • Receive a quick return on investment, with a typical payback of 2.5 years
  • Enjoy the 10 year warranty
  • Take advantage of the available shared savings (ESPA) model
  • Be cash flow positive with in-house financing
  • Apply for CDM incentives
  • 80% of specified savings are guaranteed
trees-790220_640Save the Environment
  • The Harmonizer is an ultra efficient transformer that will:
    • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
    • Save energy and power
    • Enable your building to qualify for 4 direct, 19 indirect LEED Points
Easy Maintenance
  • The Harmonizer is:
    • tools-15539_640Easy to install and non-disruptive
    • Integrated into electrical environments seamlessly with minimal downtime
    • Able to dynamically select optimal voltage tap to reduce consumption and meet building requirements
    • Maintenance free
    • Able to remove a building system from the circuit during a utility voltage sag, eliminating brown out risks

Visit our Products page to learn more about the Harmonizer and how it can help your building use energy better.