Waste to Watts

Powering our lives with plastic!

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in our clothes, furniture, toys, shopping bags, tools, gadgets, packaging… you name it and plastic will probably be there. Try as we might to recycle and minimize our plastic use, plastic still remains in our lives and we are in need of sustainable solutions to deal with the waste.

Plastic is one of those materials that lasts. It can sit in a landfill for up to a 1000 years, decomposing and exhuming pollutants into the soil and water. Although much of our plastic is recyclable, it is unfortunately the minority of people who recycle as much plastic as possible. Even the best of recycling enthusiasts can easily miss a piece here and there that gets caught up in the garbage.

So what can we do about the enormous amount of plastic in our lives? How do we manage the waste sustainably? At GreenBiz Forum 2015, Jeff Wooster,Dow Chemical Company’s global sustainability leader, talked about a whole new program filled with possibilities. This program introduces a new of dealign with plastic waste by turning all unrecycled plastics into a form of liquid energy!

Read and watch about this exciting development and learn more about how our plastic waste could be used to sustainably power the future: Waste to watts: How to get power from plastics.