Warning Labels at the Gas Pumps

12-14-15 | Industry News & Events

Climate change is creating problems for us…

More extreme weather, a decrease in biodiversity, acidification of our oceans…

We all know that our use of fossil fuels is one of the direct contributors to climate change. However, that doesn’t seem to stop the everyday consumer. It’s a fact that hasn’t quite motivated everyone to start taking public transit. It hasn’t quite motivated all civic leaders to work with people to create better transit systems. Perhaps it’s not motivation that the everyday consumer is lacking, but rather something as simple as the old cliche: “out of sight, out of mind.”

Robert Shirkey of Our Horizon had the idea of making it difficult to forget the facts about climate change by placing warning labels on gas pumps. If they’re on cigarette cartons, why not have climate change warnings at gas stations?! After several years of campaigning, the city of North Vancouver will be introducing these warnings to gas stations. So what’s the next hurdle? The actual messaging on the warning labels.

Read more about this new development in the local fight against climate change. What do you think? Should we be putting warning labels at the pumps?


(Image via Pexels)