Plastic to Fuel

Could we turn our plastic into fuel?

One of the first sustainability lessons people ever learn is simple: reuse, reduce and recycle. However, even the most conscientious practitioners of the three R’s can easily miss the plastic they have in their homes. Plastic is literally everywhere.

Unfortunately, plastic is a prevalent material that, although proven very useful, can also be difficult to dispose of. It can hundreds of years to decompose and even that process can lead to harmful waste materials.

However, what if we could reuse our plastics, reduce the amount that ends up in landfills and recycle by converting plastics into fuel? No more a hypothetical question, converting plastics into oil that can be further treated to create gasoline, diesel and kerosene is possible. Mr. Akinori Ito from Blest Corporation in Japan invented a revolutionary machine that convert plastic back to oil and greatly reduce CO2 footprint.

Check it out in today’s feature video!

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