Legend Power Systems and Cap and Trade

How Legend Power Systems can assist your commercial or industrial power building attain cap and trade goals.

With the recent implementation of the cap and trade system in Ontario, one that was already in place in Quebec, many Canadian companies will now need to adhere to the emissions regulations mandated by the agreement.

Placing restrictions on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that buildings and industries can emit, the cap and trade system seeks to decrease the amount of pollution put into the atmosphere by industries. Should a building or company go over its allotted emissions allowance, there is the opportunity for that company to trade with another, who’s building emissions were below the permitted amount. Ideally, of course, no industry would produce over the allotted amount of emissions and would have no need to trade. However, as many companies can surely attest, reducing emissions, especially with antiquated building infrastructures, is not always easily achieved. Fortunately, that’s where Legend can help.

One of the key benefits of installing Legend’s Harmonizer into your commercial or industrial power building is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As an energy conservation and product life cycle solution, the Harmonizer reduces energy consumption in commercial buildings, lowering emissions and saving up to 80% on electrical bills.

How Does the Harmonizer Work?

The Harmonizer can be seamlessly integrated into a building’s existing electrical system at the point where power enters a building, optimizing the incoming voltage. This enables the operating equipment to run at a reduced and controlled voltage level, allowing for greater efficiency, saving energy and ultimately reducing emissions.

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(Image via Pixabay)