Climate Business at IFC

11-09-15 | Industry News & Events

Discover the positive impact that the private sector can have on climate.

It’s no secret that the capital and financial support provided by the private sector has a monumental impact on climate change efforts and initiatives. More investment in climate action means more tools and resources are available to help fight climate change. The funding and investments supplied by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are no exception.

Last year, the IFC had an incredibly positive impact on climate. Issuing $3.7 billion in green bonds and investing $11 billion plus in long-term financing for 550 climate projects, IFC has taken the lead as the premier financier of solar and wind energy within developing countries. By leveraging the power of the private sector and providing the financial backing with the aforementioned investments and more, IFC also reduced greenhouse gas emissions in 2014 by 5.5 million metric tons. An emissions reduction of this size is equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road.

Read the below infographic from IFC to discover more about their climate business, including the IFC’s project financing opportunities, advisory services and more.

Click on the infographic to enlarge.


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(Infographic via International Finance Corporation)