5 Myths of Climate Change

12-21-15 | Industry News & Events

Green.TV’s video debunks dangerous climate change myths.

Although the majority of scientists – 97%, according to the below video – agree that climate change is real and occurring due to human behaviour, there are still those who believe that it isn’t happening. Perpetuating the doubt surrounding climate change are several inaccuracies and non-truths. However, these “facts” are often cited out of context or without proper explanation. In order to debunk such notions, Green.TV has compiled a top five list of climate change myths in a short two minute video, providing explanations as to why these myths are not factual.

For a summarization of the climate change myths that are covered in the video, read the below list.

5 Dangerous Climate Change Myths:

  1. Climate change is normal.
  2. There’s no consensus regarding climate change.
  3. There’s been a “pause” in warming.
  4. The sun is the cause of climate change.
  5. Global warming won’t be so bad.

For more information and to discover why the above myths are inaccurate, watch 5 Myths of Climate Change from Green.TV below.