See in real time how much energy you consume at home!


As fall has officially arrived (it’s a fine, blustery, rainy Vancouver day out there), our weather is only going to get colder and that means electricity consumption will undoubtedly be on the rise. Heating systems will be working and lights will be turned on sooner in the day, for longer periods of time. Naturally, with this increase in electricity consumption, the cost on our energy bills will also be up.

But now BC Hydro is now offering customers the chance to really monitor their usage and see just how much electricity is being consumed in real time! For the first time, customers can have up to the second monitoring abilities over their electricity consumption. With this kind of data, anyone can learn more about their consumption habits and make real and effective changes.

The device, by Rainforest Automation, can connect wirelessly to your BC Hydro smart metre so that every time you turn on a light or appliance, you can instantly see the kilowatts adding up! There are two devices that BC Hydro can set up for customers, one plugging into the wall and the other connects to the Internet, giving users the ability to see the data on their computers, tablets, or smart phones. User who have already adopted the Rainforest Automation monitor have reported up to six per cent of savings on their overall energy bills! And with the cost of electricity on the rise, who wouldn’t want to save even a single per cent!

Legend Power can help your business save by a more efficient and effective use of incoming voltage. This new device can help you bring that saving mentality home and ease your personal energy bills!

Learn more from BC Hydro and CTV News.

(Image via Pixabay)