Legend Power Expands Presence with Ontario’s Post-Secondary Institutions

11-10-15 | Featured News, Press Releases

November 10, 2015

Toronto, Ontario

Legend Power Systems Inc. (LPS.V) (“Legend”) is pleased to announce the successful Harmonizer installation at its 5th university/college.  By installing Legend’s Harmonizer at a few of these institutions’  facilities they are saving over $60,000  per year and over 90 tons of GHG emissions, which only represents a fraction of the energy savings potential that Legend can help deliver in this influential market segment.  Legend is confident that these leading institutions will enjoy significant savings through their purchase of the Harmonizer and will be keen to have many of their buildings running more efficiently and become key influencers for other post-secondary schools.

North America is home to over 4, 000 post-secondary institutions, many of which have large multi-facility campus environments where multiple Harmonizers can be deployed.   These 4,000+ campuses represent an estimated $395 million market for Legend.   All 4,000+ of these campuses are currently wasting energy and money and are under continued pressure to reduce their energy usage.  Legend’s Harmonizer can effectively address the voltage related inefficiencies in these facilities.

“The Post-Secondary market is a great vertical for Legend. We are pleased with the savings we have helped achieve and look forward to future opportunities in Ontario and other jurisdictions,” says Randy Buchamer, President  & CEO.

Legend first announced its entry into the post-secondary market in Early 2015 with OCAD University and has since begun work with other major universities and colleges in both Ottawa and Toronto.

About Legend Power Systems Inc.

Legend Power Systems Inc. (www.legend20.wpengine.com) is a leading electrical energy conservation company that manufactures and markets a patented device to help commercial and industrial customers achieve significant energy savings through voltage optimization. Legend Power’s Electrical Harmonizer helps companies reduce their electricity bills, maintenance costs, and increases the life of electrical equipment, while contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Legend Power was recognized as the top performing clean tech company on the TSX/V for 2015.