How Big Data Can Help Save Species

01-14-15 | Commercial & Industrial Power Conservation, Featured News

Discover the power of technology and sustainable decision making!


It’s true that we can make little, individual changes everyday that will help reduce our carbon footprint. This will create a chain effect: smarter, greener living leads to fewer emissions; fewer GHG emissions leads to cleaner air; cleaner air equals healthier environments; healthier environment supports strong and healthy ecosystems, which accordingly, support healthy flora and fauna. What’s not to love about making sustainable choices at home and at the office?

Now reimagine that chain of events if you throw in the power of big data! Making smarter decisions at home, creating more efficient buildings with innovative improvements (such as the Harmonizer), and having that big data to analyze are all, in their own way, game changers in the fight against pollution and the struggle to protect biodiversity.

Check out this video to see how data and analytics can be using in our efforts to leave behind a clean, healthy planet for future generations!

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(Image via “Social Network Analysis Visualization” by Calvinius. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)