Legend Power is proud to be working with Canadian Tire in an effort to reduce the retailer’s carbon footprint and energy costs.

Although retail stores are most likely not the first corporations that come to mind when you think of energy efficiency and sustainability, you may be surprised to learn that many retailers incorporate creative designs into their stores to achieve just that. One Canadian retailer in particular that is proudly leading the pack in sustainable building design is Canadian Tire.

harmonizerWe are thrilled to be working with a Canadian Tire store in Mississauga, Ontario, assisting with their energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, which have been put into place to reduce the location’s carbon footprint and cut energy costs. Specifically, with our Harmonizer, Legend Power is proud to be involved with Canadian Tire’s efforts to save energy, reduce the store’s carbon footprint and lower costs.

“Reducing energy consumption is the most effective way to mitigate rising energy rates and fight climate change,” said Doug Inglis, Dealer at the Canadian Tire Meadowvale store in Mississauga. “The Harmonizer is a seamless energy saving solution that works and is an excellent energy saving solution.”

Upon installation, the Harmonizer immediately reduced the store’s electrical energy consumption by approximately 4 per cent, saving an estimated $4,800 and 7 tonnes of CO₂ per year. Since the installation of the system in 2012, the Harmonizer has helped Canadian Tire save over $13,000 and approximately 115,000 kWh in energy consumption. See the most recent statistics below.
Canadian Tire Results Learn more about our partnership with Canadian Tire at www.canadiantirelegend.com.