Who Is Using the Harmonizer?

11-25-15 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

Discover the answer to this frequently asked question.

In discussing Legend Power System’s technology with prospective customers, it is not unfair to assume that similar questions are typically presented to our sales team. As a fully transparent, publically traded Canadian company, Legend Power Systems (LPS) is proud to answer any and all of our prospective customer’s questions, and we make it a priority to have the answers that you’re looking for readily available. It is for this exact reason that LPS has compiled a robust list of FAQs, providing most of them right here on our website. Our compilation of FAQs provides insight into everything from voltage optimization, to how installing the Harmonizer will affect a building’s lights. By readily providing the answers to these FAQs, we try to answer your questions before you even think to ask them!

One frequently asked question that you won’t find on our FAQ page, however, is: “Who else is using this technology?” Today we’re here to provide that answer. Read on to learn more.


FAQ: Who else is using the Harmonizer?

Having been in business since 2001, Legend Power Systems has built a large customer base with customers in practically every major vertical market. The Harmonizer has been installed around the world, with customers all over North America and expansion taking place in the European and African market. Read Harmonizer Explores New Territory in the EU and Legend Power and Global Opportunity to learn more.

Specifically, internationally recognized companies, such as the YMCA and IKEA, to name a few, have benefited from the Harmonizer. In addition to assisting big brand giants like these, the Harmonizer is also helping utilities and major contractors save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For a list of companies that have installed the Harmonizer, and for information on how our technology has positively impacted these companies’ finances and emission reduction efforts, please visit: Harmonizer Case Studies.

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