Collegiate Adaptation of the Harmonizer

11-13-15 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

The Harmonizer provides post-secondary institutions the opportunity to save money and the environment.

Since expanding into the post-secondary market earlier this year with OCAD University, Legend Power Systems (LPS) has provided multiple Ontario institutions with the capability to not only become more energy efficient, but also to significantly lower operating costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As LPS expands its presence within the Ontario post-secondary market, collegiate adaptation of the Harmonizer presents an exciting opportunity for Legend Power Systems and post-secondary institutions alike. To date, LPS has installed Harmonizers within the facilities of five universities and colleges, and the savings that have been cumulatively achieved at these post-secondary institutions have been significant. A total of $60,000 per year has been saved collectively between the five institutions, coinciding with a combined reduction of more than 90 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. And that is only just the beginning.


LPS is confident that only a fraction of the potential savings are currently being achieved within the post-secondary vertical. With the influence of the institutions that are already benefiting from the Harmonizer, LPS seeks to continue to expand within the post-secondary market, assisting collegiate institutions across North America. In doing so, LPS has the opportunity to help post-secondary multi-facility campuses with their energy and voltage related inefficiencies, saving them energy, money and the environment on a large scale.

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