What is your Voltage?

10-07-13 | Commercial Energy Conservation

Your building’s voltage level has an impact on how much electricity your building uses.  Higher voltage results in higher energy bills and lower voltage results in lower energy bills.

Numerous technical studies on the topic of reducing voltage as an energy conservation measure, better known as Conservation Voltage Reduction or “CVR”, have been completed by power utilities and independent engineering consulting firms; all of these studies validate that reducing voltage saves energy.  Click here to review these studies for yourself.

 “For many years, electric utilities have achieved load reductions by reducing the voltage delivered to air conditioners, home appliances and industrial machinery – a technique known as Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)…” *

There is a compelling business case and a large environmental and financial savings opportunity for building owners & operators to regulate and reduce their supply voltage.  Helping businesses save energy by reducing voltage is what Legend Power does. Many of Legend’s customers have achieved a payback period of three years or less by installing Legend Power’s voltage management system.  Rather than letting your power utility dictate how much power you consume, why not take control?

We would like to help your business save energy – the first step is to identify your existing voltage level.  To schedule a voltage audit at your building and identify how much energy you are wasting, please contact Legend Power by clicking here.

What is your voltage and what are you going to do about?

*Warner,Kellogg.  Willoughy, Ron. (April 2013) Conservation Voltage Regulation: An Energy Efficiency Resource. IEEE SmartGrid. Retrieved October 6, 2013, from  http://smartgrid.ieee.org/april-2013/842-conservation-voltage-regulation-an-energy-efficiency-resource