As the end of the year and the fourth quarter of 2014 draws to a close, give yourself a savings jumpstart for 2015 with Legend Power!


You may be thinking it’s too soon to be planning 2015’s resolutions but we’ve got an idea for you and your business that can only be good for business. It’s never to early to begin saving and with electricity prices on the rise, now is the best time to make plans. Make 2015 the year your business or building is efficient and financially savvy with the tools and assessments that Legend Power can provide you.

So what are the steps you should take this December?

First, explore the results of our work and hear from clients directly about their results with Legend Power’s Harmonizer.

Second, explore our product and learn exactly how the Harmonizer works. We have no secrets and we are more than happy to talk to you about exactly how our team will be able to help you reduce your energy bill by up to 8% with the Harmonizer installed in your electrical room.

Third, fill out our contact form and get in touch with one of our energy conservation consultants.

Fourth, find out what your incoming supply voltage and your voltage consumption is. This may sound complicated but not with our three-step voltage audit. Take the first step towards lowering your energy bill by scheduling a no-commitment voltage audit with one of our experienced technicians.

Fifth, present the results of your personalized savings report and energy savings guarantee to your company’s executive team and get that savings and conservation ball rolling!

So end 2014 on a high note with an exciting new plan that will save you money, conserve energy and save the planet! Is there a better way to begin a new year?

(Image via Pixabay)