3 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

09-01-14 | Commercial Energy Conservation, Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Save Power

Tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint for a healthier, happier, (richer) you!

A few weeks back we discussed how to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. The article reviewed the meaning of carbon footprint, how you can calculate your own footprint, as well as a few suggestions on where to start when trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

Today we want to provide you with a few more in depth ways to lower your footprint. Below you will find three tips, addressing three different areas of your life, that will help you reduce your footprint, as well as help you save money.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Bring your energy efforts to the office: Make suggestions to your boss or building manager that can help your company save money and energy at the same time. For example, why not turn the washroom lights on only when needed, or suggest reducing the air conditioning or heat over the weekends. You can also suggest going straight to the source with products such as the Harmonizer. With the Harmonizer you can reduce your office building’s energy consumption, resulting in monetary savings, as well as assisting with lowering your building’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Light SwitchFlip that switch: Be aware of switches that you may have unnecessarily left on, or plugs that do not need to be plugged into an outlet at all times. You can reduce your energy consumption, and therefore your carbon footprint, by simply turning off lights you’re not using, or unplugging your laptop or phone charger when you’re not charging your devices. And don’t forget about those faucets and thermostats! Ensure that you turn the taps off when possible, for example, when brushing your teeth, or hand washing your dishes. In addition, when it comes to heating your home, ask yourself if putting on a sweater may do the same thing as turning up your heat.
  3. Green your travel routine: There are several ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint through your transportation habits. If you drive almost everywhere you go, including work, try walking or biking the more manageable distances. By doing so, you will also be saving money on gas, as well as parking fees; good for your health, your wallet and the environment! You can also reduce your carbon footprint by making your next vehicle purchase an informed one; do a bit of research on which cars are the most fuel-efficient options in order to save on gas and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

For more information on how Legend Power can assist with reducing your carbon footprint, contact us or refer to our current Case Studies.

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