Legend Power Featured in RBC Sponsored Guidebook

Legend Power was featured as a leader in energy-efficiency in an RBC sponsored guidebook that was distributed at the Globe 2010 conference.

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[Legend Power’s] technology comprises two parts: an electromagnetic transformer (“harmonizer”), about the size of a three-drawer high filing cabinet, and an electronic voltage regulator. The voltage regulator senses what level of voltage is coming into the building and optimizes it. “It basically takes the inefficiencies out of the electrical system,” says Gill, Legend Power’s chairman and chief executive officer.

After nearly a decade of research and development, and testing at beta sites, Legend Power is now in the commercial and light industrial sectors, helping organizations such as big box chains, hotels, hospitals, recreation centres and grocery stores save money. Results from the use of the harmonizer are easily measurable with an estimated 6% to 10% energy savings in electric costs, as well as reduced maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The payback period after incentives in Ontario and B.C. is between 2.5 and four years, says Gill, depending on energy consumption levels.

The article mentions that Honda Canada saved 6% of its energy costs by installing Legend Power’s Harmonizer technology and IKEA Richmond reduced it energy costs by 7%. “Even during our summer period with air conditioning loads, we still ended up with the equivalent electrical bill saving results in the range of 8.7% on our entire facility load,” says Doug McCann, general manager of IKEA Richmond Ltd.

Gill’s advice for other organizations looking to become more efficient through an energy retrofit: “Be strategic,” he says. “It is important that you ensure that all the changes you make to the facility and all the technology implemented work together and truly complement each other.”

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