David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour

A look back on the Blue Dot Tour’s trek across Canada. If you live in Canada, you may have already heard about the Blue Dot Tour, a movement that the David Suzuki Foundation began in the fall of 2014. Starting last September in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the Blue Dot Tour rolled out across Canada with the intention of bringing the country … Read More

Create Memories, Not Garbage Campaign

Go green this holiday season with gift giving practices that will help protect our environment. An inspiring advertising campaign by Metro Vancouver has the city encouraging friends and family to give each other gifts that will create memories rather than waste. If you live in Vancouver or in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, you may have come across advertising … Read More

The Value of Conservation

Conservation means savings! That’s right: when you conserve energy, there will always be savings.

The Future of the Power Grid

Discover exciting new ways to think about the power grid and how they may affect the way that the world generates and consumes energy. On Monday we shared an infographic that explained the life cycle of the power grid. Details concerning how electricity is currently generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed were all covered, as well the evolution of the grid … Read More

Vampire Power

Be aware of vampire power! Unplug your electronics and prevent them from sucking your home’s energy and wasting your money. This Halloween (and throughout the rest of the year!) be aware of the electronics that are unnecessarily sucking your home’s energy and costing you money. Many appliances and electronics in our homes are wasting electricity. When plugged into an outlet, many … Read More

The Phenomenon of ‘Bikelash’

Discover the meaning of ‘bikelash’ and why it’s not actually such a bad thing. It’s a fairly new phenomenon. A city takes up biking and launches efforts to enable biking as a form of valid transportation, only to have many members of said city begin to oppose the new bike initiatives. What’s even more recent is the term ‘bikelash’ and, due to … Read More

VIDEO: The Future of Renewable Energy

Watch the below video infographic that outlines the positive future of the earth’s renewable energy resources. As a planet we are relying more and more on renewable energy for the world’s energy supply. This is a great thing. Not only are renewable energy resources sourced from elements that are naturally recurring within our environment, such as sunlight, wind and water, but renewable … Read More

No More Coal Fired Power Plants for Ontario

Legend Power applauds Ontario’s step towards a cleaner environment. Although Ontario continues to struggle with energy rates, there have been a few victories for the province when it comes to the topic of power and electricity. At the end of last year, it was announced by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne that a new legislation was to be introduced that would force … Read More

Welcome to the Energy Conservation Blog

Welcome to Legend Power’s new blog. Legend Power is an energy conservation company. Through a process called voltage optimization, we help commercial and light industrial facilities save electrical energy, both reducing their utility bills and carbon footprint by 6-10%. For more information on what we are all about, check out the video below: There are thousands of products available and … Read More