People’s Climate Movement

Bold climate action to be demanded by the People’s Climate Movement on October 14th’s National Day of Action. Just over a year ago on September 21, 2014 the People’s Climate March saw hundreds of thousands of people peacefully flood the streets of New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Berlin and other cities across the globe in an effort to demonstrate their passion for climate action. … Read More

Spotlight: Wind Energy

Did you know that wind energy is a form of solar energy? Learn more about renewable energy as we spotlight wind power!

WATCH: Let’s Go All-in on Selling Sustainability

“Sustainability has gone from a nice-to-do to a must-do.” – Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Over the past couple of years, it has become evident that global powerhouse, IKEA, is committed to the wellbeing of our planet. Kicking off their People & Planet Positive initiative in 2013, IKEA has continually demonstrated their dedication to this sustainability strategy. For example, since … Read More

How Electricity is Made

Discover how electricity is made to power our lives in the below video. Electricity powers our everyday lives. Although it may seem obvious, we often take for granted the fact that everything from our lights, to our appliances and technology is made possible by the energy that is delivered to our homes, offices and communities. As the key to long … Read More

Turn Down the Heat Video Series

Why climate change matters and a 4-degree global temperature rise must be avoided. As part of the World Bank’s educational video library on YouTube, the Open Learning Campus, the below video comes from a series entitled, Turn Down the Heat. The video series, which seeks to educate the world on how climate change is affecting our planet and why the world should … Read More

Sustainable Energy for All (Video)

Watch the Sustainable Energy for All video, get inspired, and learn how you can support universal sustainable energy. Earlier this week we shared an infographic that explained the three main objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All (SEFA) initiative. This program has been operational for the past four years, since UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched it in 2011. It was launched with the … Read More

We Mean Business

The good, green business sense of coalition, We Mean Business. At Legend, environmental initiatives always make us feel positive in regards to the future wellbeing of our planet. Specifically, the coming together of large, successful companies in an endeavour to help protect the environmental health of our planet is something we wish to applaud. The efforts of organization, We Mean Business, is no exception. … Read More

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Many people think about the obvious causes of a costly carbon footprint, but what about the internet? More specifically, what carbon footprint does your website have?

IKEA’s $1.13 Billion Pledge

Legend Power Systems applauds IKEA’s commitment to climate action. It was announced last month that international retail giant, IKEA, has pledged $1.13 billion USD towards climate action. In support of their commitment to RE100, an initiative that supports some of the world’s most influential companies in becoming 100% renewable, IKEA has announced that it will be putting this money towards … Read More