LEED Certification Process & How Legend’s Smart Transformer Earns You LEED Points

Now when you install Legend Power’s smart transformer, the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, in your building it will contribute up to 5 points to your LEED certification. Kyle Anders, a Sustainable Design Specialist, states: 5 points is a very noteworthy contribution in my experience, it is rare that a single product/technology can have this high of an impact.  I don’t have experience … Read More

New Smart Transformer Helps Commercial Buildings Cut Energy Use

(Burnaby, British Columbia) April 7, 2010 — With a decade of research and development, Legend Power’s new smart transformer helps commercial buildings, big box retailers and other large facilities save 5-7% in electricity bills, energy consumption (kWh) and peak demand (kW). This smart grid device, called the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, is a high efficiency auto-transformer with an electronic tap changer that … Read More