GreenHab the Office

Cut the carbon footprint of your office with Legend Power and these tips!

Additional Benefits of the Harmonizer

Enjoy peace of mind along with the many other benefits of using energy better with the Harmonizer. With a long list of benefits, Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer is an innovative technology that helps industrial and commercial building owners save money and the environment, with little to no maintenance. As many of the key benefits that the Harmonizer has to offer can be … Read More

Legend Power Systems and Offtober

Celebrate and save! Join Legend Power Systems in observing BC Hydro’s Offtober. It’s that time of year again – BC Hydro’s Power Smart initiative, Offtober, is back! Each October, BC Hydro encourages the province of British Columbia, and beyond, to take a more active role in saving power and being aware of how we consume power and electricity. By offering tips … Read More

Key Benefits of the Harmonizer

Discover the key benefits of integrating the Harmonizer into your building. As an ultra efficient transformer that’s familiar, proven and stable, it’s no wonder that so many commercial and industrial building owners are incorporating the Harmonizer into their energy saving strategy. By taking advantage of the minimal downtime it takes to seamlessly integrate a Harmonizer into a building’s electrical environment, our … Read More

Sustainability’s Value Proposition

Boost the value proposition of sustainability to your executive team! Read more for why sustainability initiatives are key to business success.

OCAD U Leads the Collegiate Pack With Energy Retrofit

Legend Power has proudly assisted “the university of the imagination” with their innovative energy retrofit. OCAD University (OCAD U) is one of the very first educational facilities in Canada to learn of the savings to be had with Legend Power’s Harmonizer. After assisting the school’s Toronto campus with lowering their greenhouse gas emissions, and helping them save over $20,000 per year, … Read More

Our Global Carbon Footprints

Do you know what our global carbon footprints are? You’ve probably heard the term “carbon footprint.” In fact, you may have even explored your own personal carbon footprint with a carbon footprint calculator. Have you ever explored the global carbon footprints that we contribute to? When you look at one person’s carbon footprint it may not seem like much, but imagine … Read More

The Harmonizer and Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year. And it’s about time for a new energy saving solution. Among some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to save money, to make healthier decisions and to help protect the environment. More specifically, many of us make financial goals that we hope will help us reduce costs and save some of our hard earned money, … Read More

A New Year with Legend Power

As the end of the year and the fourth quarter of 2014 draws to a close, give yourself a savings jumpstart for 2015 with Legend Power!