Legend Power Systems’ News Roundup

A consolidation of the announcements made by Legend Power Systems between January 19th and February 4th. Over the past several weeks, Legend Power Systems (LPS) has announced a considerable amount of news. While we make every effort to share our updates with you via the News section of our website, by disseminating press releases to various media outlets, and by sharing these articles … Read More

The Social Cost of Carbon

Measuring the cost of carbon… We know what carbon emissions cost our environment. How much do they cost our economy?

Legend Power in 2014

It’s that time of year when many of us are looking ahead and making plans for the new year; plans to grow and reach new goals.

Legend Power Round Up

End the year with a wealth of knowledge and plans for incredible savings in 2015!

The Power of Old Batteries

It’s an old battery. There’s no more juice left… Or is there? Check out the latest research about the amazing power of old batteries!