Legend Power Systems’ News Roundup

A consolidation of the announcements made by Legend Power Systems between January 19th and February 4th. Over the past several weeks, Legend Power Systems (LPS) has announced a considerable amount of news. While we make every effort to share our updates with you via the News section of our website, by disseminating press releases to various media outlets, and by sharing these articles … Read More

Climate Change and Earth’s Carbon Cycle

Understanding climate change and Earth’s carbon cycle with TED Ed. As climate change becomes a more prevalent topic in the news, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what it means and, more importantly, how it is affecting our planet. Becoming aware of climate change is vital to the preservation of our environment, and it will allow individuals and … Read More

Get to Know Legend Power Systems

Learn more about Legend Power Systems’ story and the evolution of our innovative technology, the Harmonizer. Legend Power Systems (LPS) is a pioneering energy conservation solution provider, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2001, LPS completed beta trials of the Harmonizer product in the mid 2000s. It was around this time, in 2005, that our company was a recipient at the Energy Efficiency … Read More

Our Savings Guarantee

Yes, you read that correctly: we guarantee you savings when you work with Legend Power!

Legend to Participate in U.S. Market Partner Network

The Harmonizer launches into NYC marketplace with acceptance into Con Edison’s Energy Efficiency Market Partner Program. 2016 is off to a great start for our Harmonizer technology. With the recent acquisition of “Market Partner” status from Con Edison, Legend Power Systems (LPS) is poised to expand across the North Eastern and Mid-Atlantic territories of the United States throughout the upcoming year. It is … Read More

The Big Pivot and the Future of Sustainable Business

For the sake of our environment and future economy, a shift in how companies do business must be made. Evermore at the forefront of business practices since last year’s COP21, is the topic of a company’s sustainability strategies. It is becoming more and more understood that in order to survive and thrive in our world’s future economy, businesses and their leaders must become … Read More

The Way Forward

Let’s begin on a positive note: there is a way forward through climate change.

Financing Goal Oversubscribed

Value of the Harmonizer further demonstrated by the oversubscription of December’s private placement financing goal. Legend Power Systems has raised more than its target goal of $1.65 million in private placement financing. Earlier this week it was released that Legend Power Systems (LPS) has successfully completed its private placement financing that was announced back in December. As the initial goal for the financing was … Read More

Sustainability and the Year Ahead

Welcome to 2016: A year in which sustainability initiatives go hand in hand with our business strategies. 2015 saw great progress in terms of the environment and global sustainability efforts, especially in terms of the business world. RE100 acquired numerous new members, many of whom are internationally recognized brands. Then, just last month, great steps were taken at COP21, leading to … Read More

2015 Year in Review

A look back on the successful year that Legend Power Systems had in 2015. The past year has been a pivotal one for Legend Power Systems (LPS). Within multiple verticals, our energy conservation solution, the Harmonizer, has proven exactly how effective it is in lowering commercial and industrial buildings’ greenhouse gas emissions, and saving them money on a large scale. Learn more … Read More