The Way Forward

Let’s begin on a positive note: there is a way forward through climate change.

New Year and New Green Goals!

Happy New Year from all of us at Legend Power Systems! The beginning of each year is the perfect time for a fresh start! It’s the start of a new month and a new quarter; the slate is still fresh and there is no better time to create new plans that will benefit and build your business. With Legend Power … Read More

GreenHab the Office

Cut the carbon footprint of your office with Legend Power and these tips!

The Value of Low Carbon Investment

There is a complex relationship between climate change, business and investment, and reducing carbon emissions is vital to, not only our climate, but also to our economy. As more scientific research uncovers evidence of climate change and as government actions strengthen, investors and financiers are reducing the exposure of their portfolios to risks from rising greenhouse-gas emissions. They are allocating more capital … Read More

How Green is Your Internet?

Have you ever thought of just how much energy you use when surfing the net? Check out today’s feature video to discover exactly how green the internet is!

Science-Based Carbon Targets

As our emissions grow, so does the temperature of the world. Learn more about science-based carbon targets and how the private sector can make a difference…

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Many people think about the obvious causes of a costly carbon footprint, but what about the internet? More specifically, what carbon footprint does your website have?