Algae Biofuel

How this underwater plant could potentially fuel our everyday lives. Discover the benefits of using environmentally friendly algae biofuel in the below video from the United States Department of Energy. As suggested by the United States Department of Energy, when you think of algae, it’s unlikely that the idea of fuel and energy comes to mind. Rather, algae is most often associated … Read More

Powering a Lightbulb

Let there be light! Day or night, all over the world there are light bulbs being flicked on and off. Discover today’s infographic for a visual of how much power it takes to light up a light bulb!

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Will 2015 be the year of the electric car? Over the past couple of years electric vehicles have been building momentum, especially gaining recognition within the environmental movement. And while we fully support a shift towards a mode of transportation that is more environmentally sustainable, we are left to wonder if electric cars will ever have as much of a stake in … Read More

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Discover the meaning of carbon footprint, as well as how to calculate and reduce your own footprint. What is a carbon footprint? Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or more specifically carbon dioxide, that is being produced by you and your household. The amount of electricity, natural gas, fuel, etc. that you consume all contributes … Read More