Nature Is Speaking Raises $1 Million

#NatureIsSpeaking hashtag campaign raises $1 million for Conservation International. Earlier this year, we briefly covered Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking campaign, a social media marketing campaign that challenged the environmental community to help Conservation International (CI) raise $1 million. The goal of the campaign was to have online supporters use the #NatureIsSpeaking hashtag 1 million times, and upon reaching said … Read More

30×30 Nature Challenge

Nature is calling all Canadians to the outdoors! Accept the David Suzuki Foundation’s challenge and spend 30 minutes outside for 30 days throughout May. During the month of May, the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging Canadians, and the world over, to answer the call of nature and spend 30 minutes in the great outdoors every day for 30 days. Citing benefits such … Read More

Happy Earth Day!

We’re taking a look at some amazing trivia and facts for Earth Day!

Algae Biofuel

How this underwater plant could potentially fuel our everyday lives. Discover the benefits of using environmentally friendly algae biofuel in the below video from the United States Department of Energy. As suggested by the United States Department of Energy, when you think of algae, it’s unlikely that the idea of fuel and energy comes to mind. Rather, algae is most often associated … Read More

Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plan

Mayors’ Council hopes Metro Vancouver residence will trade a 0.5% increased sales tax for a greener, more transit-friendly city. If you live in Metro Vancouver, you have most likely already received your voting ballot for the Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Referendum. Citing region-wide benefits such as protecting the environment, strengthening the economy, and improving Vancouver residents’ quality of life, the … Read More

Climate Change Awareness

Did you know…
The number of people worried about climate change has not changed since 1989?

Saskatchewan’s Clean Coal Plant

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Carbon Capture project is said to be exceeding expectations. As many of you may already know, last October saw the opening of the world’s first commercial-scale clean coal plant. The Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project is the flagship CCS project of SaskPower and, since the announcement of its opening, has caught the attention of … Read More

It Pays to Go Green [Infographic]

You have to go green to save green! Save money and the environment by building sustainable architecture. We all know that building sustainable, green architecture is a great way to save energy, resources and money. By paying more upfront to construct a green building, building owners will see a more efficient use of energy, water and other resources, as well as their money, … Read More

The Benefits of Pricing Carbon [Video]

Discover how pricing carbon could help protect our health, our economy and our future. To maintain a stable environment and economy the world over, we must assess how our current practices will affect our ability to do so in the future. According to the below video, Pricing Carbon: It’s About Our Economy & Our Future, one way to protect our future … Read More

Munroe Academy Wins International Energy Award

Students of Munroe Academy awarded $70,000 in international environmental contest. An incredible and noteworthy accomplishment by the students of Munroe Academy in Cape Breton! Congratulations to Munroe Academy, a small rural school located in Balls Creek, Nova Scotia, for their recent win at the Zayed Future Energy Contest. Using recycled materials, such as old pop cans, students of a seventh … Read More