We Mean Business

The good, green business sense of coalition, We Mean Business. At Legend, environmental initiatives always make us feel positive in regards to the future wellbeing of our planet. Specifically, the coming together of large, successful companies in an endeavour to help protect the environmental health of our planet is something we wish to applaud. The efforts of organization, We Mean Business, is no exception. … Read More

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Many people think about the obvious causes of a costly carbon footprint, but what about the internet? More specifically, what carbon footprint does your website have?

Waste to Watts

Waste to Watts: Powering our lives with plastic! Learn more in today’s post!

The Achievements of 100 Harmonizers

Incredible environmental savings achieved with 100 Harmonizers has Legend excitedly looking towards the future. Over 50,000,000 kWh of energy savings. Savings which equal the amount of energy it would take to power more than 4,500 homes for an entire year. A reduction of 5,000 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The equivalent reduction of emissions that would be achieved by removing over … Read More

YMCA GTA Installs Harmonizers

YMCA of Greater Toronto and Legend Power: A partnership to create a brighter, greener future. The YMCA of Greater Toronto saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions with Legend Power, promoting a healthier future for its communities. Earlier this month, it was announced that a partnership between Legend Power and the YMCA of Greater Toronto (YMCA GTA) has resulted in the successful completion … Read More

Business Leadership on Climate Action

Bring the sustainable drive to world markets and the business level! Making changes at home is a great way to start combatting the attitudes and habits that have spurred on climate change. However, taking the battle against climate change to the next level is a critical step. We’re talking about inspiring business leaders and political leaders to take a step … Read More

Ontario Climate Summit

July 7th to 9th, Ontario will host the Climate Summit of the Americas. Over the past several years, Ontario has taken many steps towards making the province a more environmentally friendly region. Endeavours, such as shutting down all of the coal fired power plants in the province, made Ontario the first jurisdiction in North America to put an end to burning coal as … Read More

Apple and Environmental Responsibility

Tech giant, Apple, releases Environmental Responsibility Report. In recent years, there has been the increasing consumer expectation that companies, especially successful and internationally celebrated ones, should not only be taking an interest in the environment but also a responsibility in the matter. One excellent example is coffee corporation, Starbucks. Not too long ago, we mentioned that the international coffee company is currently producing 99% ethically sourced coffee, with … Read More