What is a Smart Grid?

Do you know about smart grids? Smart grids are the future. As technology around us evolves, our methods of electrical consumption and energy production are evolving too…

How Electricity is Made

Discover how electricity is made to power our lives in the below video. Electricity powers our everyday lives. Although it may seem obvious, we often take for granted the fact that everything from our lights, to our appliances and technology is made possible by the energy that is delivered to our homes, offices and communities. As the key to long … Read More

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Improve your business and help the environment with Legend Power Systems! Easily one of the largest costs to societies around the world, both economically and environmentally, is the operation of buildings. Buildings, regardless of their use, require energy in order for them to function usefully and successfully. However, it is possible to steer building operation to a more efficient future.¬†Legend … Read More