LEED Certification Process & How Legend’s Smart Transformer Earns You LEED Points

Now when you install Legend Power’s smart transformer, the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, in your building it will contribute up to 5 points to your LEED certification. Kyle Anders, a Sustainable Design Specialist, states: 5 points is a very noteworthy contribution in my experience, it is rare that a single product/technology can have this high of an impact.  I don’t have experience … Read More

Legend Power Builds Sales Momentum For Its Smart Grid Technology

Note: This article was originally published in Green Technology Report. By Jonathan T. Orr www.GreenTechnologyReport.com | Full Article Friday, May 14,  2010 When Green Technology Report last talked to Gerry Gill CEO of Legend Power (TSX.V: LPS, FSE: XLE) he spoke confidently not only of the good their proprietary smart grid technology can do for the environment by enabling commercial … Read More

New Smart Transformer Helps Commercial Buildings Cut Energy Use

(Burnaby, British Columbia) April 7, 2010 — With a decade of research and development, Legend Power’s new smart transformer helps commercial buildings, big box retailers and other large facilities save 5-7% in electricity bills, energy consumption (kWh) and peak demand (kW). This smart grid device, called the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, is a high efficiency auto-transformer with an electronic tap changer that … Read More

Is Earth Hour the Best Way to Reduce Energy Consumption?

Last Saturday, March 27th was Earth Hour. At 8:30 pm countries around the world turned off their lights in celebration of energy conservation. Started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, Earth Hour is now a global movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries who participate every year to take a stand against climate change. According to the Earth … Read More

Legend Power Featured in RBC Sponsored Guidebook

Legend Power was featured as a leader in energy-efficiency in an RBC sponsored guidebook that was distributed at the Globe 2010 conference. Read the full article [Legend Power’s] technology comprises two parts: an electromagnetic transformer (“harmonizer”), about the size of a three-drawer high filing cabinet, and an electronic voltage regulator. The voltage regulator senses what level of voltage is coming … Read More

Rising Energy Costs: 20 Year Projections

Electrical energy costs are rising. The chart below shows when the average energy costs in each state are predicted to reach 15 cents per kWh. Rates are calculated assuming a 5% annual increase. Once expected power costs reach 15 cents, the states column is highlighted in green. The chart shows that by 2030, every state will be at 15 cents … Read More

Ask an Engineer: Zlatan

Ask an Engineer is a series in our blog that provides a behind-the-scenes look at Legend Power and the people behind our technology. Today’s engineer is Zlatan. Name: Zlatan Todorovic-Grce Length of Time with Legend Power: 1 Month Job Title: Research and Development Technician Erik: What gets you excited about the Haromizer-AVR technology? Zlatan: What really excites me, is that, … Read More

Reducing Retail Companies’ Energy Costs Boosts Net Profits

While we know that big-box retailers waste a lot of unnecessary energy and that by reducing their energy costs they’ll boost their profit margins, looking at the numbers is still staggering. According to ENERGY STAR: Retail companies spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year… A 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average full-line discount retailer can boost … Read More

Ask an Engineer: Andreas

Ask an Engineer is a series in our blog that provides a behind-the-scenes look at Legend Power and the people behind our technology. Today’s engineer is Andreas. Name: Andreas Length of Time with Legend Power: 4 months Job Title: Co-op Student, R&D Engineering Support Erik: In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit of commercial, electrical energy conservation? Andreas: The … Read More